Call Smyltech and you won’t have to rely on a grandchild or a neighbor to help you with computer problems.

Or perhaps you’re thinking about getting a new computer to replace your old system. A lot of technology has emerged in the last few years, but we can help you bridge the knowledge gap and operate your new system without hiccups or hassles.

We have the knowledge, the patience and the communication skills to show people of all ages and backgrounds what they need to know to enjoy and flourish in the world of computers. Our professional technicians will cheerfully set up your new Mac or Personal Computer for you.

Delray Beach computer firm provides valuable service

We provide all the instruction for you to use the new system to the extent you want. Are you transferring or adding programs? Synching mobile devices such as phones? Unsure where to find files or establish your iTunes library? We will cheerfully do all those things for you.

At Smyltech we’re happy to help people learn the basics – and much more – about their computer.

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